A Real Girl Fashion Blog

Ladies, are you tired of reading the same boring fashion blog? You know, the ones that only talk about high end designers, posts of all the new hit stick thin, unrealistic models? Blogs that constantly remind you of the things you lack or cannot obtain? Yeah, me too. I go through fazes where I read a bunch, drool, feel sorry for myself then promise myself no more. Then start all over again once a new season approaches. As a jewelry designer I kind of depend on checking out the trends. It doesn’t mean I particularly enjoy the process much anymore.  I’m a curvy girl with a boho style and as you know boho models are wispy long-haired beach goddess beauties. It gives a girl a complex. However, regardless of your style and how you feel about your body I can tell you I found a blog you have to follow. The Drs Klassy and Fab are two lovely PhD Divas with a love of fashion. They are realistic  everyday girls who talk about all kinds of fashiony things. Current trends, how to make your own clothes, how to shop on a dime, fashion faux pas and much more. The best part? They do it with real world experience and a good sense of humor.  They make you feel good about your self and promote beauty and a healthy does of self-esteem. Not to mention they have a very good taste in jewelry (Wink Wink). Here they are in some Rustic Souls pieces.

img_0464What are you waiting for? Click the link and start reading!




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