Color Trends 2015

What colors are inspiring me this year? Taking a page from Patone, here are the popular colors for 2015

e23c86ef9b598bffef2edc15f918e4a6 (1)

What color is your favorite? Mine? The toasted almond and Marsala catch my eye every time. I just got back from the Tucson Gem Show with this color palette in mind and let me just say I think I picked out some awesome stones that I cannot wait to work with. I stuck with a lot moonstone, white quartz, agate, amazonite, citirine, garnet, and lapis lazuli to fulfill the above color palette.

Here is a sneak peak of the fabulous finds I came home with. I couldn’t leave pearls, labradorite or the dark jewel tones behind, they are too timeless to pass up.

What will I use on my inspiration board while I work this year? Take a look…

What will your inspiration be this year?


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