November Birthstone

Birthstone Facts:

Color: yellow

Traditional: Citrine, Topaz

Modern: Citrine, Topaz

Mystical: Pearl

We are officially in the holiday season where yellows, browns and food surround us. If you are a scarf person but don’t know how to show off your jewelry while covered up, think short delicate necklaces and stud earrings when you’re accessorizing. Or try an extra-long necklace with petite earrings.

If you were born in November your stone is Topaz, however a lot of people substitute in citrine not only because it is similar in color but because it is also easier on the pocket when buying. However topaz can also come in blue, pale green, pink, red, brown and even black. Pure topaz itself is a colorless stone.

The word ‘topaz’ comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “fire.” And in ancient lore, the topaz was said to have the power to cool excessive anger, strengthen the mind, increase wisdom, and prevent mental disorders.

You can find this fun one of a kind long citrine necklace at for only $75!


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