Stationery & Gift Sale!

If jewelry isn’t for you or your trying to find something with a different flair, try stationery. At Summer Time Design there are plenty of holiday tags to make those wrapped gifts look fabulous, or card sets for that someone who is hard to buy for, or a man pack for that guy who always forgets to give cards on holidays. There are over 100 items to choose from so stop buy and do some holiday shopping before the Black Friday mayhem!

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Handmade Sale!

Did you know that the average American family spends over $700 on holiday shopping per year? If you were to spend just $64 of that budget on handmade goods made in the USA that would be the equivalent of creating 200,000 new jobs. This year don’t spend all your money at those big box stores. Shop at the small stores in your local community, go to holiday bazaars or find websites like Etsy that host artists who make and sell their own creations.

My Black Friday sale goes all week long so you don’t have to stress about getting your holiday shopping done in just one day. Enjoy 20% off all my jewelry items at, including the sale items. Enter Steal20 at checkout to receive your discount. Below is a sneak peek of just a few of my new store items.

Happy shopping!


November Birthstone

Birthstone Facts:

Color: yellow

Traditional: Citrine, Topaz

Modern: Citrine, Topaz

Mystical: Pearl

We are officially in the holiday season where yellows, browns and food surround us. If you are a scarf person but don’t know how to show off your jewelry while covered up, think short delicate necklaces and stud earrings when you’re accessorizing. Or try an extra-long necklace with petite earrings.

If you were born in November your stone is Topaz, however a lot of people substitute in citrine not only because it is similar in color but because it is also easier on the pocket when buying. However topaz can also come in blue, pale green, pink, red, brown and even black. Pure topaz itself is a colorless stone.

The word ‘topaz’ comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “fire.” And in ancient lore, the topaz was said to have the power to cool excessive anger, strengthen the mind, increase wisdom, and prevent mental disorders.

You can find this fun one of a kind long citrine necklace at for only $75!