Lupus and Fibromyalgia Awareness Month


It’s no secret that I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia almost six years ago. Prior to that I spent seven years undiagnosed with doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with me, it was all in my head, stress induced or just ‘girl pains’. Yes, a doctor with a PHD in medicine said my symptoms were due to ‘girl pains’. He was lucky I didn’t punch him in the nose. Both diseases are extremely difficult to diagnose and treat. Lupus still kills often, usually due to kidney failure. Both diseases, and other auto-immune and chronic pain diseases, affect the daily life of the afflicted. I personally can only work part-time and even that is pushing my limits most weeks. Daily symptoms for me include joint pain, joint swelling, headaches, insomnia, tenderness to touch, fatigue, cognitive function problems or Lupus/Fibro fog, canker sores and a few other things I won’t embarrass you with.  All the symptoms may sound insignificant by themselves but throw them in a blender and keep them going for weeks on end…well it wears a person down significantly. Put another way, imagine you have the flu, you know that really bad one you had over the winter? Take out the runny nose and some vomiting and imagine you have that for days, weeks, months, years on end. How do you think you would feel then? Lupus and Fibromyalgia research is very important to me because I want a cure, dammit. And if I can’t get one, then I want better understanding of what these diseases are and how to better improve the treatments given. That is why a portion of sales from my Survivor line at is given to the Lupus Foundation of America and National Fibromyalgia Association. During the month of May a portion of ALL sales at D’lighted will be donated to the foundations above. Do you know anyone afflicted? Or know a survivor of another debilitating disease? I make the jewelry below to help show my support and to help the survivors remember they are not alone.

A reminder of the strength we have can make all the difference on a bad day. 

You can help to facilitate the progression of medical support for all those affected with these debilitating and life altering diseases just by buying something pretty! Go ahead, shop guilt free at 1069211_726731604009758_2139658093_n IMG_2566 IMG_3427 IMG_2696 IMG_4241IMG_4237IMG_2403compress IMG_2759-compressIMG_2338-compress