Do You Shop Etsy?

It seems everyone knows about these days. Whether you have your own store there is another question. I do and I find the consistency in my sales rather…lacking. I have spent the last 4 months building up an inventory and trying to figure out what ways I can take advantage of what will bring people to my store. So far everything I’ve tried has been a hit or miss. It seems you have to have an amazing products or spend hours and hours blogging, promoting 50 teams and compiling treasury lists galore in order to keep you face constantly on the front page. Or both. And really that much effort just doesn’t seem worth it. Well to some I’m sure it does however my products range from $3 to $15 so after the cost of materials, the time it takes to make the product and to take good pictures (keyword good because anything with a crappy picture on etsy rarely gets noticed) and the post the item, my profit on it has shrunk. Now if I had higher priced goods then I would have more in my budget to spend hours and hours promoting others in order to get promoted in turn. But as it is I dont. So what methods of advertising can I use that will not take up half my days during the week to keep up with? Or if I did, would the sales and profit be worth it?

I’m somewhat at a loss at the moment and dont know what direction to head. Do I take a dive and spend hours and hours self promoting any way I can. Or do I stay as I am and spend my time elsewhere, like at a 9-5? ick.

Is using my blog as a way to promote my own products weird? Do my readers care at all for the products I make? Do you follow me for my crafting, for my writing, for my photos?

I’m in need of some advice, will you throw some my way? How do you shop etsy? Treasury lists or searches? HOw often do you buy from there? Do you shop there at all? Would you stop reading my blog if I started doing a shout out every week? Would you read it more if I featured cool products, some of course would be mine? Do you have your own store that does well? What methods of advertising do you use? What advise can you give me?

All feedback would be appreciated! And as a peek to my etsy world here are two treasury lists I’ve recently made and pictures of some of my new products. Enjoy!

What I want for Spring

Spring Fling Stationery


3 thoughts on “Do You Shop Etsy?

  1. Sommer,
    Denver has a lot of boutiques that cater to local artists.. you would want to build a display. Maybe something shabby chic… then you would just make the rounds once a month or they would call you when they needed more inventory. I love your stuff and do plan on placing an order soon.
    Love you, Aunt Tamira

    • Thank you Auntie! I’m in the middle of doing that very thing right now. I’m still trying to put together the right collection and presentation to sell it in. Hopefully by this Thursday I’ll make my first stop. I already have a list of places to stop by. Any selling tips?

  2. Personally, I read your blog for your writing, your photography, and to generally keep up with you guys đŸ˜‰

    As far as etsy goes, when I shop there, I usually have something specific in mind, or a general idea of something specific (a piece of costume jewelry in a specific color, for example). I usually search until I find what I want; I don’t really use treasury lists.

    Maybe tweak some of your item tags so people can find them easier? Or so they come up in more searches?

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