What’s in your food?

My husband and I were sitting on the couch a few evenings ago, him on his laptop, me doing a second read of the Jane True series by Nicole Peeler, both enjoying our own bits of entertainment for the evening. Mike turns his laptop screen to me and asks “what do you think this is?” Well I see this bright pink goo that instantly reminds me of salt water taffy. When we had cable we always watched the food network and the shows about how they made certain foods. It reminded me of one at some candy factory where you’d see the guy stringing the taffy on a machine to mix it up. It looked like a giant string of bright goo, just like this picture. So instantly my response was “salt water taffy”. Then my mind went to mmmmmm lets get some taffy. Because really, it was desert time. I reminded myself I’ve never actually been a fan of taffy so there probably wasnt any in our candy drawer but there was plenty of chocolate. Then my husband went and burst my desert musings  all to hell.

“Its McDonald’s processed chicken.” Silence. Gag reflex working a bit. I stare harder at the picture trying to connect chicken nuggets with the Willy Wonka goo I see on the screen. Gag reflex working a bit harder. Still silence. Finally all I can manage to say is “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww I used to eat that crap. and I loved it as a kid.” I suddenly felt really guilty at that admission and really really dirty.

Dont believe me? Wanna see the picture he showed me? Read this article…alllll of it.


Still wanna eat fast food? Luckily for us that is something we cut out years ago. This article only makes me happier that after Super Size Me we decided fast food was no longer worth the health risks. Hey we were still college students. The one dollar burgers were a standard meal. I remember when we could both eat for 7 bucks. After Super Size Me and obvious weight gain past the freshmen 10 we decided to try to cook more at home. Then after I got diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia we then started banning as much processed food as possible. The result? We became foodies, food snobs, picky tasters, whateva you want to call it. We like food and were picky about it. We dont frequent many chains, we try to stick with local restaurants and the more organic the better. The less handling the food has the happier we are. Our taste buds have evolved and we’ve become addicted to the good stuff. The natural stuff. The real stuff. Not that processed goo in the picture.

Now I know some feel they dont have a choice because of their budgets but really, there are choices. I’d rather take my 4 bucks for a value meal and go to the grocery store and buy a bag of carrots and hummus. I say that like it is easy. We all know its not. We have to change the way we think about food, change what our body craves. It took my husband and I years to come this far, but we wanted it. Now if we regress and eat something we normally wouldnt we both regret it as soon as we put it in our mouths. Remember evolved taste buds?

But what makes me angry is that companies even make this crap and feed it to us and we never question what is in our heavily processed cheap fast goo. Dont you ever want to know what you put in your body? Most people wont get piercings or tattoos because their afraid fo what it will do to them yet they inhale food that only pretends to be food. What do you think is worse a hole through your nose or inhaling years of ammonia laden ‘chicken’?


2 thoughts on “What’s in your food?

  1. I totally agree; I try telling people how , and what, is in most of our food. Most people don’t care and brush it off – but for me, I won’t touch these things everrrrr again. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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