Man Pack

I have added a new product that I’ve had in mind for some time now to my store on

The idea was rooted from hearing stores of boyfriends and husbands forgetting a very important day, say anniversary or birthday, and getting stuck in the dog house for their idiocy.  Well here’s to keeping the men prepared and the women happy. The product is geared for men or at the very least a pseudo gag gift for any male.

Here is a description of the Man Pack:

Level One– With a Level One Man Pack you’ll have a card for every occasion this year. Don’t worry about upsetting the misses by forgetting to buy a card for your anniversary. You’ll even get a card to apologize for one of your many unintentional faux pas you’ll undoubtedly make.

Level Two–  If you’re smart you would start with level two. Mom will get ticked off as much as your significant other if you forget to send her a birthday card. Not to mention the wrath of forgetting one on Mother’s Day.

Level Three- If you also have a sister or a daughter than this is the level for you. You’ll have cards for your significant other, mom and sister (or daughter).  You’ll be the favorite man in all their lives by giving them these beautiful cards on every occasion this year.

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Man Pack- Level One