Possum Fur Nipple Warmers

If  you remember I made a very long comment and complaint about how my nipples do not know how to respond to the new cold weather I have thrust them into. I sent a plea on facebook asking my friends if anyone knew if there was such a thing as nipple warmers. I desperately needed 2. The chaffing was seriously  bugging me. Luckily for my dog Zoe her genetics have allowed her to adapt by growing hair over her previously naked belly and exposed nipples.

No fair i say, no fair at all!

Not that i want hairy boobs, mind you. Just that a little warmth in that area would be appreciated. Men even have it easy because they have a nice little cocoon to protect their bits. The only choice i have is to constantly cross my arms over my chest or carefully attach toe warmers to my bra and hope I dont burn myself in some unsavory way.

You know, there are some serious product ideas here. Bra heater inserts, heated bra gel push ups, warming pasties. Just give me time and I could come up with a dozen concepts. Would you buy one? Or is it just me that feels the need to complain about the horrible little nib-lets my boobs have grown?

Props to my MIL who found these online and sent me the link.  A solution to my problem perhaps? I think this has a whole new meaning for pasties dont you? Maybe we could market them as ‘Pasties. Tantalize the mountain man inside your man’ what do you think? I have a feeling they might itch a bit.


BUT WAIT! On this site you can choose your favorite color!


Apprently in 1974 women were having these problems but thought it to laughable to make a go of it. Knitted tassels were the result.


Nipple Warmers


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