Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

This weeks challenge is a little is a bit confusing for me. Not because I don’t know what gives me comfort but because so many things do. There are many things in life to take comfort in.  Things from home, things from work, things from your favorite stores. It all depends on who you are and the things you like. Do you like the outdoors, or prefer to be a home-body? Are you a foodie? Do you have kids? All the answers to these questions can lead to something you take comfort in.

For my first post in this weeks challenge I am posting some shots I recently took of things l loved around our house. Now that we’ve moved, there all in boxes so seeing these shots gives me comfort two-fold.

My Inspiration Board

I pull bits and pieces from magazines, clothes, decor, my own photos etc etc for this board. Things that spark a little inspiration inside me make it on it for as long as they work.

My Used Film

Having undeveloped rolls of film around is fun. Since I’ve primarily switched to digital I like holding on to rolls until i forget whats on them, then send them off to the printer for a little surprise.

My Favorite Author's Books

Enough said.

My Library

This is a piece of my library. We were lucky enough to have a house big enough to have a room just for books. I. cant. stop. buying.books. *sigh*

Senile Old Argus

I cant stop using this old camera even though the shots are always fuzzy, grainy and just crappy. I’m hoping one day one of those fuzzy shots will actually look cool. I like having old cameras scattered through out the house, even if they dont work. It’s an odd comfort to have, but they remind me of something I really enjoy doing.

Mike and Me, Our Wedding Portrait

I love this statue. Mike’s great Aunt from Italy is a great artist when it comes to clay. She made this for us as our wedding gift. Love.

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite things.



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