Colorado Mountain Ride

My fourth day here a friend of mine from college and her fiance took me on a trip through the Colorado Rockies outside Denver. With it being October the trees are changing. Fall can actually be seen here! *Doing a little happy wiggle* Come on, I am from Arizona. The only seasons there are spring and summer. Colors are only green and dead.

Red and gold aspens littered the mountains and mingled with the dark green and blue pine trees. It was….gorgeous. There are more words that would describe the views we spied, but why muck it up?  Simplicity is always more beautiful to me. There were clouds in the sky casting shadows and spotlights all over the mountains. The photo opportunities were too easy. If we had more time or had set up places to stop before hand I think we could of had spectacular results, as it was there were still plenty of great ones. So, with out further commentary, here are the results of our impromptu drive through the mountains.

Yellow Aspens

Mountain Sunset

I still can’t pass up a black and white images. As much as i try to work a good color shot, I still end up converting to black and white. You would think with colored scenery like this I would be satisfied with color, but nooooooooooooo. Which do you prefer?

Hwy Trees

Hwy Trees

A little river action?

River Trees

River Trees BW

Yellow Trees

Yellow Trees_BW

More Yellow Trees…

yellow trees

I think this is my fav…. of course its B&W!

yellow trees bw

This shot isnt great but i love the 3 different trees in it.

Three Trees

Sorry for the smaller images. I compressed the files so the upload wouldn’t take forever, so i sacrificed some of the fab resolution. I’ll post some peoples favs individually later for closer inspection.


For those interested, we started west on the 285 from Denver. Then took a turn north on the 9 to Breckenridge which I have to say has the cutest and longest row of window shopping I have ever seen! Then back east on the 70 back to Denver. The whole trip with stops for photo ops took about 4 hours.


10 thoughts on “Colorado Mountain Ride

  1. I’m lucky to live where there are four seasons, but I would really enjoy seeing those Colorado aspens (which I don’t see here in KS)! Thanks for a bunch of lovely photos.

  2. Love them! I’m similar with the B&W fascination, but in this case I’d have a hard time choosing favorites :O The colors are so amazing! Did you shoot these in raw format?

  3. Thank you! Not all the shots are raw. I’m new to using it, i forget to change the setting on my camera. So just the last couple of scenic shots are raw.

  4. I love both the colour and the black and white. It’s hard to pick a favourite from them… the black and white images are very dramatic; the colour images are very warm and peaceful. All are undeniably stunning though, well done x

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