Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

When I read the theme for this weeks photo challenge, my immediate reaction was ahhhh crap I dont have pictures of faces. Sure I can go into pics of family and friends and pull stuff out and play with it but really I’m not a people shooter. I know that sounds bad, we both know what I mean. I didnt make a career in photography as a kid because I didnt want to be a wedding photographer etc etc. My talent for  ‘people’ subjects just never developed. One day I will focus more time on upping my skills in that area, until then i’ll keep shooting statues instead, they dont move which was what I was thinking when I decided I’m an idiot. yup. me. why? I have an entire collection of faces. One of my favorite things to shoot typically has a face somewhere on it. I may be shooting an angle that doesn’t show it. but somewhere there is a face. My brain is a bit slow today. Dont worry! With all the stress of the move and having a nasty reaction to some vaccines I’m entitled to have a few bad days. Not to mention I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee this morning.

Me and some of the non-face anatomy

Me and some ladies butts at the Louvre

Now, lets move on to the good stuff because I have found my faces!

Peek a Boo at the Louvre

And my personal fav…I’ve taken a few shots of these two and I can never pick out my favorite one. This one fits the color scheme of the other two so i’m dropping it in.

cupid and psyche




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