Weekly Photo Challend: Textured

A couple blogs ago I stated that it seems to be an unconscious decision that most of my shots have a form of texture to them. I really hadn’t noticed that until recently when someone asked me what kind of photographer I am. Needless to say I was totally confused by the question. I dont solely shoot landscape, commercial, portraits or weddings, so what do I shoot? So I said in a nutshell: pieces of it all. Later, after some time considering this question I decided I’m an abstract photographer.

This weeks photo challenge topic made me look at my stuff even more. Yes I shoot weird stuff but more of it makes me want to run my fingers over it or reach out and touch it. Most of my stuff isn’t  close ups of an object that shows a weird pattern or skin reveling ‘texture’. It is more about the over all esthetic or feel of the image in total.  I like pictures that jump out at me. Thats probably why I love not only black and white but heavily contrasted black and white.  Part of the blame in that particular fascination is my high school photography teacher.  I took her classes from 8th-12th which is funny because there was only BW1 and BW2. I just took BW2 quite a few times.  Actually, every semester. Anyways. My teacher loved pushing me to add more contrast. So for years I printed to her expectations and now I can’t seem to break away from it.

Now that I’ve switched to digital I’ve been trying very hard to concentrate more on color. It’s difficult to develop a sense of decent color shots when my brain was trained for so long in BW.  But a good black and white shot usually has depth, texture and contrast. Otherwise they fall flat. Now do they always need those things, or combination thereof? No. I’m not a photography expert by any means but we both know there are techniques that can create a powerful image or just a cool image without them. I’m just usually attracted to those that do.

One of my fascinations are interesting buildings. To clarify, buildings with character, with details…..with texture. Here are a few.

Victoria Canada

brick building victoria canada

Alternate View….

brick building victoria canada 2


Another one from the Panthéon in Paris, France. I’m not happy with the contrast, still working on it.




All images copyrighted.


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