Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Arizona Cactus

Another cactus in Arizona

This post is fun just because there are a million cactus within touching distance of my house so this is almost too easy. I just like the weirdness of these photos. There really kinda creepy.  The top one is totally dead. The bottom one is 3 different cactus smooshed together with some kind of palo verde, maybe, poking out around it.  Half of its dead so again, just weirdness all around.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. It may be a common scene for you but it is very interesting for those of us that do not live in the desert. Very nice photos 🙂 Judy

  2. Thanks Judy! Now that I’m leaving the desert I’m rushing out to try and take some more pics of it before I leave. Maybe I’ll do a post of just desert photos. When i get the time that is 🙂

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