Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Here is another weekly photo challenge. I’ve begun trying to turn the weekly photo challenge into a daily one for me. It forces me to go back through my photos and look at them with a more critical eye, seeing if there is anything i can do to improve on them or see them from a perspective as if they were not my shots. I tend to be my own worst critic so i pass lots of my own work off unless I really really like it. With these photo challenges I get to go back through my stuff to see if anything relates to the weekly topic and deciding if it is actually worth the effort to post.  So with no further ramblings, here you go.

Giant Door! With this shot it’s difficult to see the true size of the pillars and the door. I added the shot below it where you can see me standing in front of it to give you an idea of the immense size of the small piece of the building this shot shows. I barley fill in the bottom square of the door!

Panthéon in Paris

me and the Panthéon in Paris


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

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  2. this is wonderful. you are right, the additional image is a big help for someone like me who has never seen this live before. it really provides perspective as to how massive that door is. thanks for sharing this one, too!

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