Not your typical female

If you read my blog or know me personally you know i’m not a typical girlie girl. Dont get me wrong i love cute dresses, expensive shoes and anything sparklie but i also love cargo pants, boots and tank tops.  Thats probably a bad comparison but if i described myself i would say I’m a tomboy mixed with femininity. Others have called me bohemian or eclectic. Anything simple and beautiful makes me happy. Things with worn edges, age or craftsmanship catch my eye. But I also dont mind killing bugs or getting dirty doing yard work. Look at me this way; I can be perfectly happy out camping in the boonies with bugs and camp fires and beer or hanging out uptown in a posh restaurant with a tasty class of chardonnay.

Versatile I am.  But here are the kickers:

I like cars. Not just new fancy things that have convertible tops and v12’s. Austin martin vanquish = orgasm.

Hot Rod

i LOVE hot rods. old classic cars. original, custom, rat rod. all of it. I want one, bad. ’29 model A, ’50 merc chop top, ’60-’73 chevy nova, shelby cobra, austin healey. i could make a list a mile long. I want them all! I admit it, I must be in love or the very least heavy lust with my cars. very sad fact of my life. try buying a car when you only have 8k.  And dammit i will change my own tire and if i was totally broke i’d change my own oil. But why do it when you can pay someone?

I like alternative, punk rock and grunge but i also like classical, reggae, angry chick music and techno. My mood depicts my music but i dont discriminate unless its modern country. blah it drives me nuts. Anything acoustic is my fav.

I like action flicks. movies that have car races, sword fights, blood and gore entertain me more then romantic drama. Its the excitement of all the movement that hooks me in. Dramas have to be really good for me to enjoy them all the way through. Maybe I have a short attention span? but i like my books the same way, so what does that say?

I read comics and all things SciFi and fantasy. Romance and normal fiction rarely make my book list unless they are old classics.

I love artwork. all kinds. simple beauty by Monet and crazy psycho by Robert Williams.  I could just as easily have Daniel Merriam in my living room or Brom.

Daniel Merriam

All that matters is the beauty of the piece. I don’t discriminate on its topic. If it catches my eye and holds it causing me to stand and examine it again and again with out getting bored then I like it. The only problem I have is what other people would think when they walk into my living room and see it. I hate to admit it but those things constantly cross my mind. I have no prejudiced over the work but others will and it will reflect on me in their eyes.  It’s a constant battle of wills with myself. A topic for another day.

I have no problems with nudity or talking about sex or issues with my body.  There aren’t many topics that can make me uncomfortable. I grew up surrounded by images of naked women. Shop calendars, playboy magazines, Marylin Monroe in all her curvacious glory on the living room wall. I thought it was normal. I think it desensitized me but it also allowed me to appreciate the human body at a young age which totally allows me to appreciate beautiful women now. No, i dont swing that way but I still look and appreciate both sexes when its called for. I suppose I could of grown up with a horrible body image complex because of my exposure. Somehow thankfully, that never fully formed. Naked simply doesnt bother me. Husband you want a naked women hanging over the bed? Naissance De Venus it is.

naissance de venus

Marilyn Monroe. My pop had this in the living room in black and white

I love diamonds! I am of the feminine persuasion after all. Yet i’m always drawn to jewelry made from raw material. Grecian style jewelry from the Roman Empire are my favorite. I’m always looking up images for inspiration. Raw elements rolled into simplicity and beauty. Victorian and Art Nouveau follow next on my jewelry style love list.

I say things other people are afraid too. Lady being stupid on a flight and everyone’s obviously annoyed but wont say a word. Not me. Quiet lady, your making this flight miserable for all of us. There, done. Flight isn’t so miserable anymore. Tadaaaaaa, magic.

I’m always honest to you.  i don’t see the point in lying. It may come across as abrasive or insensitive at first if your not used to it, but i find i make better friends that way. Treat others as you would like to be treated and all that rot, you know? hmmmm maybe thats why i dont have so many friends. Still, I treasure honesty from people over positive comments people think you want to hear.

Love tattoos. I’m jealous of men and women with creamy unblemished skin because tattoos look soooo good on them. I”m covered in freckles, while cute as a little girl cause a problem when designing tats as an adult.  I want a few, although i’m so picky about my own, i can’t seem to nail down what i want next. I’m thinking an antique compass rose on my wrist…. there is always a path to take. Who needs Confucius huh?

Compass Rose


So I may not be unique but i’m not exactly a lady. I mean come on, anyone who’s eaten with me knows there is not one meal where food doesnt land in my lap or down my cleavage. But i clean up well when i try too, just dont hand me food or you’ll blow my cover.



6 thoughts on “Not your typical female

  1. I’m wowed by your talents , diverse interest and amazing personality. You live life to the fullest. You’re true to yourself and that is one admirable trait. A beautiful person inside and out. Really cool. Thanks for sharing….

  2. I came across this looking for a compass rose design for a tattoo I’ve wanted then the other pictures hooked me in…so I read. I was shocked! What you wrote could have easily came from my own head… I’m glad I’m not the only girl that is an inbetween. Love it. Great blog 🙂

    • Thanks Jennifer! I’m so glad you liked it. Let me know how your tattoo design goes. I’m still working on it but I know where I want it and a pretty good idea of what it should look like. I’d like to see how yours turns out too 🙂 thanks for reading! hopefully my inbetween will keep you interested in the future

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