Trippiest Dream Ever

I woke with my heart racing, my breath coming in fast spurts, my whole body tingling and thinking that was absolutely AMAZING! Never has a dream been so exciting that it woke me from the sensation and realism. Well, maybe it has but i promptly forgot and fell back into dream land so it couldn’t have been that fantastic. And no, it wasn’t about me and some overly handsome and beefy warrior who just saved me, the damsel in distress, from imminent death,  causing me to jump his bones in gratitude.  This dream has me praising my subconscious for it’s stellar creativity.

Now, if only i can describe it adequately.

You don’t feed the males. I didn’t know that.  He eats one thing and one thing only, flesh. If he doesn’t get what he wants he goes into a blood rage. Turning into an extremely strong, scary and blood crazy maniac. These creatures I was sequestered with were protecting me from something. I hadn’t been there long and I only planned to stay long enough to get a plan together to attack who ever was hunting me (details are fuzzy, it was a dream after all).  I hadn’t know these creatures long. They came out of millennia of hiding to protect me. I’ve yet to discover why.  They were an odd mix between small evil goblins and very tall, thin elves.



The combination was simply a terrifying beauty.  Green luminescent skin, tall stretched limbs to long for normal bodies, beautiful faces full of razor sharp teeth, dark orbs for eyes that you could drown in, not to mention the pointed ears and little horns protruding from their foreheads. The longer those horns were the  stronger they were in power.

These creatures worked like a bee hive.  Exceptionally strong women were in control of groups of males who obeyed every order with out objection.  She was in charge of everything regarding her harem. And I inadvertently set one off into a blood rage by offering him food he wasn’t supposed to eat. Apparently I subbed as a queen to these things, who took my offer as an order. ooops.  Who knew?

His Queen was trying desperately to restrain him until he over came his rage. Some don’t and have to be put down.  I was the only one in the vicinity that had the flesh he wanted and the queen looked like she was loosing the battle on restraining her raging man.  A few loud shouts in a strange language were made and I was suddenly air born.

My stomach dropped to my feet and we flew. The demented elf didn’t have wings but propelled herself upwards with me clutched in the claws on her feet.  Shouts and screams chased us as we spiraled upward going faster and faster. The world around me became a blur. I prayed desperately that we didn’t hit the walls that seemed to be closing in on us.  The higher we went the quicker we shot upwards. My pilot better have great control because it was a definite possibility that I was going to end up splattered on a hard surface because the building we propelled through never seemed to end.  It must be a 100 stories tall,  it felt like hours before we finally broke the structure. Cold air assaulted me and my stomach and heart tried to find their rightful locations in my abdomen again.

Then i woke up. I think the air conditioner turned on and blasted me with frigid air. I laid there going “lets do it again!” I felt like a kid after riding a totally awesome roller coaster and jumping off to run right back in the line to get on again before my nerves settled from the adrenaline rush. I laid in bed replaying what i remembered again as the tingling in my limbs subsided.  I knew I wouldn’t forget this dream and thought it was too cool to pass up sharing with someone.  I wish I could draw the whole thing as a comic with commentary to add to its zeal but what can you do?


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