Favorite Reads

A list of my favorite reading material in no particular order:

*Caution it’s all under the SciFi/Urban Fantasy genre. If you dont like it, move on. If you do and your looking for good reads, keep on reading! Cheers.

Anita Blake

Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner; http://www.laurellkhamilton.org/

Kushiel and Naamah Series’; http://www.jacquelinecarey.com/books.htm

Georgina Kincaid Series; http://www.richellemead.com/books/books.htm

The Hollows; http://www.kimharrison.net/TheBooks.html

Realms of the Blood; http://www.annebishop.com/a.books.html

Outlander Series; http://www.dianagabaldon.com/writing/the-outlander/

A Brush of Darkness; Allison Pang

Night Huntress Series; http://jeanienefrost.com/books/

Game of Thrones; http://georgerrmartin.com/


There are plenty more, my book list bookmarks folder is very big. But these stand out the most and they range in how they are categorized in the SciFi community.  Some have great true history added to the story (Outlander series), some are highly entertaining (A Brush of Darkness, Georgina Kincaid, The Hollows). Quite a few have very strong female leads who totally kickass with swords, guns and martial arts (Anita Blake, Night Huntress).  All are great in there own way and no two are alike.  These are series where i throw fits when i finish the latest release because i dont have the next volume to pick up.  And forbid that an author does something horrible to a loved character cause i’ll throw your book against the nearest wall. Yes, I have been known to throw projectile books in fits of insanity.  Then i pick up the book, apologize, re-read, then froth at the mouth until the next book comes out.  Damn you Chole Neill and Richelle Mead, you both leave nasty little cliff hangers but I still love you.

I’ve loved SciFi since I was a kid. The hobbit still sits near my night stand as a reminder of one of my childhood favorites. Blame my father for my obsession, he started it. He bought me my first books and to this day he still reads SciFi. I can’t seem to move myself away from it. Every time I pick something else up, it simply doesn’t entertain me like something full of fight scenes and adventure, lost kingdoms and weird monsters.  I can still enjoy a nice fictional book which takes minimal effort and imagination to finish, then i turn around and pick up fantasy again.

In fantasy, my imagination works overtime. You have to fabricate creatures that do not exist.  Try imagining a creature that is half man, half tiger standing 8 feet tall with golden skin, lightly striped. Claws as long as my foot, fangs as long as my thumbs and eyes shining the color of gold, brimming with human intelligence but broadcasting animal ferocity and extreme potential for violence. interesting mix that, and so fun to picture!

There are days when I’d give my left leg to get sucked into these imaginary worlds and live the rest of my life there. You probably find that crazy unless your a fantasy nut too.  When your imagination runs wild with infinite possibilities of supernatural beings and conversing with them, hanging out with them, it’s horribly exciting.  The worlds authors conjure can be amazing! Even if the world is the same one we walk today with the only changes being the types of creatures that hide from us, it’s still an exciting prospect. Although, if things that could go bump in the night frighten you then I see why you wouldn’t find these alternate realities exciting.

Fantasy can give it all to you: lost worlds, solving crimes, monsters, love, sex,  fight scenes, ethereal beings, hope, pain, history, magic. And it can be all in one book! absolute entertainment, beats TV anytime. Thats why i love the genre so much. ANYTHING can happen and yet you can still relate to characters thoughts and feelings even if there a made up being.

One day i hope to create a world just as wonderful and entertaining as the authors above. wish me luck cause i’ll probably be 80 before I  accomplish it.

Got any good reads ideas for me? I’m always looking out for new ones.


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