Faithful, Snarky Side Kicks

It’s no secret that I am an avid reader and am currently on a quest to try and write my own little story of urban fantasy. But I’m having some issues. In fantasy it seems that every hero has a faithful side kick, either teeny or big and hunky. Why is that? I’m asking out of serious curiosity. Is it a requirement in story development or something? Is there a writing class that helps you develop that little or big character that you are constantly entertained by?

What element do they  add to the story? Comedy, protection, love. Or is it a convenient way for the writer to save the main character from imminent death when there was surely no way to avoid it but *bam* in comes snarky side kick with some fancy magic never before seen to save the day. That wasn’t a sarcastic remark, it’s a common scenario I’ve come across. Always at some point that side kick saves them from death and then makes some jokes about how it was all in a days work or takes them back home and has hot monkey sex or something.  Always totally entertaining but is it a requirement?

Scene: Hero is about to die by the hands of their enemy, tied down and helpless or about to be eaten by a giant dragon or banished to hell.  All information points to imminent death with no chance for salvation, and suddenly our little side kick pops in and rescues the hero who lives on to fight another day.

All hero’s need supporting characters otherwise the reader would get bored of the solo savior. Other characters help create depth to the story, so what kind do you create?

Harry potter has Doby, an elf. Can’t forget his two best pals too.


Rachel Morgan has jinks, a pixie (my absolute fav BTW). She also has her best pal Ivy who is a vampire and a few others that pop in from time to time; a gargoyle, ghost, demon, and elves.

Cassandra Palmer has Pritkin, a mage. can’t forget her trusty ghost.

Anita Blake has all her delicious supernatural harem of men, vampires and were-animals.

Anita and her Harem

Cat has Bones, a vampire (my second favorite, snarky and hot…double whammy)


Abby Sinclair has Phineas, a miniature unicorn who loves to bite people on the ass. Cant forget her very steamy incubus

Abby, naked incubus, unicorn bites and bacon

The list of heros and side kicks is endless. These are just the few that popped in my head first.

If your not familiar with these heros they all have their own kick-ass powers, not just their side kicks, but they also have attitudes, lack a filter on their mouth and a strong sense to protect the innocent and who they love. Hence, they are always getting themselves in trouble in the most inconvenient ways because of their determination to save everyone and screw the bad guys.

In my attempt to create my own supernatural world I cant seem to decide how many and what kind of magic-y types to start off with. I don’t want to start off with a bang and overload the story with all these different supernatural types but slowly introduce them as the heroine is introduced to them. But i have room for a small snarky side kick.

I have the steamy love interest and the best friend but do i need some weird little side kick like a pixie or a unicorn? Ok i wouldn’t choose those two but you get the idea of what I’m looking at. Some odd little supernatural being that for one reason or another attaches itself to my heroine and helps her out and ticks her off at the most inopportune moments.  I feel like I’ll need some character that can lighten the mood of the story yet I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for.  Now I’m just thinking out loud. Back to the point.

What kind are your favorite? Do you like the snarky side kicks? What do you like about them? What don’t you like about them?

Interested in the characters i mentioned?


Cat and Bones

Anita Blake

Rachel Morgan

Cassandra Palmer

Word of the day:  Villainous: (adjective) Extremely wicked. nefarious

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Odd information: Where did the phrase ” \”For the love of Mike\” come from?


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