I have quite a few ideas for blog topics written down, waiting and willing for me to rant aimlessly about. All of it felt like too much work this morning.

Anyone who knows me, knows I dabble with photography. It has been my love since my parents first handed me a camera. I’d spend my money on film and rocky road candy bars. I didn’t take my first photography class until junior high, summer between 7th and 8th grade to be exact. My mother thought i might be able to meet some new friends since we had just moved to a new city.  I didn’t meet any new friends in that class. I’m sure their names were lost on me being to wrapped up in my new hobby,  I could care less about who was who.  Di-sect my High School experience and you can see on my transcripts that each semester I had the same photography class. There was only photo I and photo II and that first summer class counted as photo I. I lived in the dark room and probably smelled like rotten eggs most the time. Photo chemicals stink and i often had the job to mix them up. Anyhoo, needless to say it was my solace to escape my crappy HS experiences. Ok, not all of it was bad but I preferred the dark room to gossip.

Photo from 1st Summer class 1997

To this day i find some weird inner peace when i play with my camera, try to compose a shot or manipulate a digital print in Photoshop. I’m definitely a black and white person at heart but learning to love color too, its a slow process. Although I’m new to photoshop and often find myself getting horribly frustrated when i can’t manipulate something the way I want to, I still like it. I still find some kind of pride in it all, even if the photos only line my office wall. *Shout out to Mike and Rae for having a canvas print of one of my pics made up to put on their wall! Bon Bons unite! yeah, i’m a dork i know.

Taken from a candy shop window in Paris, France

So why didnt i pursue a career in photography? Good question. I’m really not sure there is one striking reason.  It was more a string of uncertainties, circumstances and decisions (mine and others).  Wedding photography held no interest for me. Of course I would do it for friends but not as a career. The only school i wanted to attend was a very expensive school in Santa Barbara, one I couldn’t afford but could easily promise a good career if I worked my ass off to get through it. A starving artist lifestyle did not appeal and if i didn’t go to a prestigious school that is probably what i would be with a BA in art rather then a specialty degree in photography and graphic art. There were more reasons that changed my path, none of which I’ll bore you with.

There are days I regret walking away from that path. Although i always believed I would walk back into it one day, even if it was only a hobby.  I knew without a doubt that I could always have  a good job with a BA in finance and management instead of Art. So that is what I did. And now I’m focusing more time back on that path like i always figured I would, only 9 years late. So without further adieu, some of my pictures:

Hot Rod


Taken at the Butchart Gardens

Piece of the Arc De Triumph in Paris France

Taken from my garden

Statue by the Louvre, London

When in Rome become a nun?

Carrousel in Paris, France

My new goal is to create different collections; cars, flowers, buildings, famous places etc.  As I gain some ground on those I’ll post them. Comments, good or bad, on all are more then welcome.

*All work copyrighted.